Standardized Test Prep

There are few things students dread more throughout their educational endeavors than standardized tests. It seems like the standards get harder every year. So much pressure is placed on these tests that students often feel overwhelmed and teachers can feel like they’re fighting an uphill battle.

Standardized tests have been mandated in all 50 states since the No Child Left Behind Act in 2002. Since then, the tests have gone through numerous variations as individual states work to determine the most effective means of testing and the appropriate requirements for the different grade levels. Beginning in elementary school, students experience the pressure surrounding test performance as many states require them to pass standardized tests to be qualified to move on to the next grade. This pressure can be detrimental to test performance.

Significant time, thought, and money has gone in to raising test scores in the US. Most standardized test prep programs focus entirely on the study aspect, but educational achievement is a multi-layered issue. At Just Say YES, we recognize that students need more than the factual knowledge to succeed academically. They need confidence, motivation and the will to succeed.

We partner with schools so that as you prepare your students with the academic skills they need, we provide speakers and resources that will encourage students not to give up, but to build excitement around their ability to pass their standardized tests. When students are equipped with the attitude to succeed, they are quicker to learn the skills they need and feel more prepared for facing the tests ahead. We believe attitude enables success.

The current national rates of academic performance show that the majority of our students need more help in reaching levels of proficiency.


According to the Nation’s Report Card of the 2011 school year put out by the National Center for Education Statistics:

Standardized Test Prep

What we do

Our speakers provide the encouragement and motivation students need to learn and perform well on their standardized tests. They also provide practical ideas for schools to perpetuate scholastic enthusiasm, like holding academic pep rallies. Book a standardized test prep program at your school to motivate your students to succeed in their tests, their academic pursuits and their lives.