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A parent’s dread of the teenage years is so universal it has become nearly cliche. But this time in your child’s life does not have to be one of anxiety and frustration. While the teen years are a period of rapid change, they are also a time of massive potential. Teens are seeking to discover who they are, and parents are in the perfect position to help them on the journey.

Most parents don’t realize that theirs is the strongest voice in their teen’s life. Studies show that parents are still the top influencer in the lives of teenagers. When a teen feels connected with his or her parents, the messages they provide trump the messages of peers and the media.

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Parent Programs

At Just Say YES, our philosophy is “a connected teen is a protected teen,” and JSY parent programs are designed to help you strengthen that connection. These programs give practical advice on how to relate to your child as they go through their teenage years and the best ways to help them make good decisions. They cover topics that most teens deal with daily: such as drugs and alcoholself-image, teen sexual activity, bullying and more.

JSY parent programs are designed to help you strengthen that connection. Some examples of parent programs include Jeffrey Dean‘s “Plugged-in Parenting,” and Dan Bailey‘s “The Parent-Teen Connection,” along with many other great presentations from our list of speakers.

It is important for parents to discuss the realities and consequences of risk behaviors with their children before they face them so that they are prepared to deal with the pressures and temptations when they arise. Book one of our parent programs to help prepare you for your child’s teen years.

Parent Programs

Parenting program speaker Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey – “The Parent-Teen Connection”

Mary Flo Ridley – “Sooner Than You Think”
(for parents of preschool-age children through pre-teens)

Jeffrey Dean – “Plugged in Parenting”

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Outside Links and resources

General parenting

40 Developmental Assets – The Search Institute of Minneapolis, Minnesota has identified the key building blocks of healthy development that help all young people grow up healthy, caring and responsible. Find out more about these assets and download a questionnaire here.

A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Teen Years – This section of Kids Health gives tips and advice on how to approach parenting teenagers, covering topics like teen rebellion, talking to teens about physical changes at puberty, and warning signs that your teen might be involved in risk behaviors.


Grant Halliburton Foundation – This organization is dedicated to increasing awareness of and helping teens who struggle with mental illness and depression. Click on the link to find out more about this organization and their mission to promote mental health and prevent teen suicide.

Eating Disorders

The Elisa Project – Based out of Dallas, this non-profit organization is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. Check out their website to learn more about Eating Disorders and how you can find help for your teen.

National Eating Disorder Association – This site will give you tons of helpful information about eating disorders and the issues surrounding them. Be sure you check out their comprehensive Parent Toolkit, containing terms, signs to watch for, myths, and ways you can help.


The Protectors – This organization, founded by JSY speaker Paul Coughlin, provides information and resources for preventing bullying and bullycide and equipping your child with the courage to stand up to bullies. – Learn more about the national effort to stop bullying in schools. Find out what bullying is and what you can do to protect your child.

Teen Sexual Activity

Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut – This booklet put out by the Institute for Youth Development discusses national sexual trends and the physical, mental, and financial benefits of postponing sexual activity.