About our student assemblies

Just Say YES speakers have conducted Student Assemblies in 38 states, reaching more than 500,000 students, parents and educators

Our mission as a capacity builder is to partner with schools to provide student assembly speakers and curriculum that will enhance your students’ educational experience by teaching about risk avoidance as a means of future success. Research shows that teens who are bullied don’t perform as well academically. Similarly, sexual activity and drugs and alcohol can cause teens’ grades to drop. When you engage one of our student assembly speakers, your students will hear life changing, perception altering messages that will enable them to focus on building healthy patterns of behavior for academic performance and for their lives. Contact us today to find out more about how Just Say YES can partner with your school to help your students succeed.


Just Say YES works with a variety of highly qualified national student assembly speakers to ensure that we provide excellent assemblies that meet the needs of your particular school. Our speakers all have national youth speaking experience. We carefully vet each speaker to ensure their professionalism and that they powerfully connect with students, communicating on a level that is both entertaining and educational.

3-Screen Films

Our 3-screen films for school assemblies capture students’ attention, teaching essential life skills through a medium they love. Treat your students to this theater experience that will help build character, reduce bullying, and encourage students to think through the possible consequences of their actions.

Films contain age-appropriate dramatizations of real-life experiences students face every day. Equipment and set-up are included with the booking. Find the 3-screen film that will best fit your age-group.


We typically book programs by topic, with speakers emphasizing a specific risk behavior (you can find our topics list in the sidebar to the right). However, research shows that risk behaviors most often occur in clusters. A teen who drinks alcohol is seven times more likely to engage in sexual activity than a teen who doesn’t drink. Because of this, Just Say YES focuses on addressing risk clusters, not only certain risk behaviors. The focus of every Just Say YES student assembly is to help students focus on their dreams and goals and avoid all risk behaviors. Contact us to discuss what program topic we can tailor for your school’s specific needs.


Assemblies range in length from 45-minute to intensive, multiple-day programs. When you contact a program coordinator, we will work with you to determine what will best fit the needs of your school.


The cost of our programs varies by speaker. Our program coordinators can work with your school to determine what funding options may be available. It might be possible to partner with other schools, use PTA funding, or use available grant funds to cover the cost of a program.

Where we conduct student assemblies

Our speakers have programs for elementary, middle and high school students. They address inner-city public schools as well as high-end private schools. We have taken student assembly programs into the juvenile justice system and enabled change in students’ lives. All of our material can be adapted to fit the needs of your particular school regardless of location or demographic.

Our speakers also offer programs for parent groups, including PTAs, and professional development for teachers. We have conducted assembly programs in 38 states, reaching more than 500,000 students, parents and educators.

For more info

For more information on speakers and topics available, including program summaries, visit the individual student assembly speaker pages, or find out more about the topic you wish addressed and which speakers cover it in our topics pages.

Have more questions? Read through our FAQs or contact us for more information. You can also read more about us as an organization.

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What schools have to say about Just Say YES student assemblies

“Through Just Say YES we are able to attain the unattainable – providing motivational speakers with powerful messages who reach our students through fun-learning presentations.”

Cynthia Monsevalles, Counselor, Hubbard Heights Elementary

“Every time one of these speakers comes, I get great compliments from the teachers about how they enjoyed the presentation and how relevant it is to our students’ academic success. We have to chase the students out of the auditorium after the assembly. The messages are delivered in a powerful way that makes students think. Students who normally are not able to sit still, sit still to hear these dynamic speakers.”

Angela Jones, Intervention Specialist, Forest Oak Middle School

“Over the past few years, we have had the privilege of inviting speakers with strong, important messages for our students. Messages about character, choices, and future aspirations have been made possible thanks to Just Say YES.”

Valerie Cail, Lead Counselor, North Side High School

“Your investment in our students provides experiences that create a new sense of purpose and inspiration. They have had opportunities to hear from speakers that have compassion and empathy for their obstacles because they too have been raised in similar conditions. The passion that is displayed from speakers such as Coach Johnson and Keith Davis create an incredible difference in our students and staff which ultimately has the ability to create long term impact.”

Carlos Walker, Principal, Dunbar High School