Tory Gant

“I love to see people lifted up from destruction and beat the odds of failure.” – Tory Gant

Tory’s infections smile and enthusiasm leap out at audiences through every word he speaks. His primary message is that a positive attitude and a will to succeed can overcome any challenge. He draws from the experiences of his own difficult childhood to encourage students not to let their struggles define them, but to focus on their goals and make small positive changes that will add up to life transformation.

His strategy for success was put to the test during seven years spent working with troubled teens on the streets of Austin, Texas. With his contagious smile and persistent message of hope, Tory reached out to local gang members and youth at risk for joining gangs.

During his time working with these teens, Tory was able to create a sense of family and belonging among them. Several former gang members became positive role models, mentoring younger boys in the community. Tory helps youth see the small victories in everyday life that create an atmosphere of success. Students discover how embracing strengths, identifying positive aspects in every situation, and being kind to others improve their attitude and increase their potential to reach their goals. Equally comfortable speaking to students or adults, Tory delivers strong messages about leadership, respect, decision making and overcoming obstacles.

Program Power

Student Program

  • Students leave with a concrete message of building strong character traits, which promotes the development of well-rounded individuals
  • Tory encourages students to make wise choices and provides them with social and behavioral strategies
  • As a bullying prevention method, Tory encourages students to be an “adder or multiplier” to their peers, which benefits campus environment

Staff Program

  • Tory’s staff development is high energy and interactive, strengthening the framework for an improved staff community
  • He demonstrates concepts for connecting with students of diverse backgrounds and helping educators break academic barriers
  • Teachers gain formulas for creating an atmosphere of success in the classroom, both socially and academically

Ultimately, Tory desires to encourage every student to be who they are and never be afraid to live their best day today. Book Tory Gant to come speak at your school.