bullying speaker for elementary, middle and high school students

With student bullying increasing and the introduction of new electronic means of bullying (cyberbullying), this subject has become one of the top concerns among parents and schools. Paul Coughlin is a nationally acclaimed freedom from bullying speaker and founder of The Protectors, which provides values-based solutions to the cruelty of child and adolescent bullying. He brings bullying prevention programs to elementary, middle and high schools around the country.

“Most students want to do the right thing,” Paul says. “They have a heroic impulse in them, but they need help getting it out. Most students want to diminish bullying, but they don’t know how.”

Paul Coughlin’s bullying prevention programs teach students what it means to become an alongside stander rather than a bystander when they witness bullying take place. The focus is to grow courage, character and leadership in students to help them stand up for the victims of bullies.

Paul Coughlin’s freedom from bullying curriculum is used throughout North America as well as England, Canada, Australia, Uganda and South Africa.

“I have extensive experience with bullying and the hopelessness that can consume a person’s spirit and soul,” he says. This experience is what motivates Paul’s mission to put an end to bullying and bullycide—suicide perpetuated by bullying.

Paul helps set people free from the common sources of passivity that can make them a victim of bullying. His anti-bullying programs give a voice to students who, for various reasons, are unable or uncomfortable speaking up for themselves. Many bullied children are incapable of self-rescue. They need intervention from peers and adults around them as well as life skills to help them be more assertive.

“The most important thing for any student to know is that they are never without hope when it comes to bullying,” he says. “Because when hope dies—that’s when things get very serious. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about the importance of hope among the marginalized and oppressed people. We know why.”

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