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Where do you start when it comes to talking to your children about sex? Mary Flo Ridley says it’s simple—start from the beginning.

Her speaking program Sooner Than You Think, and her book and video series, Simple Truths with Mary Flo Ridley, give parents the tools to begin conversations about sex when children are young, combining their core beliefs with basic biology.

“These conversations should be simple, straight-forward, and to the subjects that children are curious about—their own bodies, how babies are born, and how babies are made,” she says. “They have a natural curiosity about these things, and I want to capture those moments instead of running from them.”

Because this is a subject that most parents find daunting, Mary Flo approaches it with very specific information and sprinkles it with humor. She presents a simple plan broken up into small, doable parts that gives parents confidence and motivation to develop a strategy with the unique message they want to teach their children.

She began the program when her own children were very young and she realized that there was no material to help her address these issues with them. Everything was geared toward teenagers, but she wanted to begin the discussion much earlier.

After interviewing parents, pediatricians, teachers and church youth staff, she developed the program she now hopes will empower other parents to tackle what can seem like an overwhelming subject.

“My greatest desire is for parents to leave encouraged and equipped to be able to do this!” she says. “It is critical for them to understand that they will impress an image on their children of what sex is all about. What image do they hope this will be? I hope they leave highly motivated to seriously consider what that is for them, and then see that they can share that message in simple conversations.”

Book a program with Mary Flo Ridley. She will walk your parent group through the steps of building your personalized strategy for talking to your kids about sex.

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