Lamar Collins

“When it comes to success, neither your gender, ethnicity nor family history are determining factors. It’s all about the choices you make, because all choices have consequences and you will live with the consequences of your choices.” – Lamar Collins

Coming from a background similar to the students he hopes to influence, Lamar Collins understands the correlation between choice and consequences. He became a teacher, high school football coach and later and educator for Scott and White Hospital.

Coach Collins has a heart for students. He teaches them how to make the right decisions by avoiding potentially dangerous situations, setting goals and making difficult choices that keep those goals within reach, all with a focus on success and college readiness.

Program Power

Student Program

  • Students learn the costs of high risk behavior such as drinking alcohol, drug use and teen sexual activity, which can lead to behavioral referrals or dropouts
  • Coach Collins breaks down teens’ struggles into core issues of self- control and peer pressure, then teaches them preventative strategies for these uncertain situations

Parent Program

  • Coach Collins, a father of four, talks candidly to parents about the significance of promoting a healthy lifestyle within a strong family unit
  • He directs parents to assess their child’s behaviors and look at factors that reduce destructive decisions, laying the foundation for success

Staff Program

  • Coach Collins’ education background give him a unique approach to staff development, equipping educators with tools to not only reach the at-risk students in their classrooms, but create an environment for all students to excel
  • He emphasizes the importance of the teacher/student relationship and how crucial that component is when seeking the highest potential of the whole child

Book Coach Collins to speak to your students or provide your teachers with an excellent staff development training.