“I want teens to know that they are more than how they compare themselves to the movie stars, the number of their followers on Instagram or Twitter, and the images they see in magazines. They are uniquely gifted, valuable, and beautiful just for being who they are.” – Jennifer Strickland

Jennifer learned first-hand this lesson of body image. As a teenager, she signed with one of the top modeling agencies in the world. She went on to become a successful runway model, working in the US and Europe. She walked the runway for Giorgio Armani, appeared in TV commercials, music videos and countless magazines.

Though her life seemed glamorous and enviable, behind the picture-perfect image Jennifer struggled with depression, drugs, anorexia and thoughts of suicide. She felt unfulfilled.

Since leaving the industry, Jennifer has made it her mission to dispel the damaging lie that a person’s worth is bade on appearance or accomplishment. She visits schools across the country talking to girls and boys about healthy body image.

Program Power

Student Program

  • Jennifer’s honest and relevant speaking style communicates core issues teens struggle with including eating disorders, cyberbullying and other risk behaviors
  • She empowers students to see themselves positively, which builds self-esteem
  • Jennifer’s clear stance on having healthy self-confidence can lead students to a cooperative attitude and the potential for higher achievement

Parent Program

  • As a mother of three, Jennifer understands the image issues faced by teens and quips parents with the tools they need to support their child during their formidable years
  • Jennifer feels the motive for using cameras and social media has changed drastically and it is a high priority for parents to create safe boundaries online which promotes a guard in destructive digital environments

After hearing her speak, students say they will never look at a magazine, or themselves, in the same way again. Book a program with Jennifer Strickland to teach your students about positive body image.