Gabe Salazar

“I want students to know that there’s hope, that they should never stop believing in themselves.” – Gabe Salazar

As a teenager, Gabe Salazar struggled to find his identity. Growing up in a single parent home that often did not make ends meet, Gabe was transferred from one school to another. At each new school, he ‘reinvented’ himself to fit in with whatever was popular and trendy at that campus.

Now Gabe speaks about these life experiences, captivating students with his genuine delivery abd speaking candidly about teen culture. He provides strategies for overcoming obstacles in the classroom and beyond. He tells students that it’s not too late to turn things around for themselves.

Gabe believes a good message is like a good movie or a good song — it’s something you can hear over and over again.

Program Power

Student Program

  • Gabe challenges each student to be purposeful with their choices, a resonating lesson that advocates for the whole child
  • Students leave with boosted self-esteem, feeling empowered to recognize their potential both in and outside of the classroom, which can support social and academic success
  • Gabe uses compelling stories to demonstrate the life-altering and destructive effects of drugs and alcohol, promoting campus prevention programs

Parent Program

  • Being raised in a single family home, Gabe is proof that a strong family relationship is essential in the growth of a child regardless of their demographic
  • He communicates his message effectively to parents of diverse backgrounds

Staff Program

  • Gabe helps teachers understand how referrals may reflect a student’s desire for attention
  • Gabe encourages teachers to provide healthy interventions for struggling students

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