Dan Bailey headshot

“It’s never too late to start over.” That is the message Founder and President of Just Say YES, Dan Bailey, wants every student to hear. It’s also an idea he lives by.

After working in corporate sales and marketing for 22 years, Dan shifted his focus, leaving the business world behind to devote his life to helping teens.

He launched Just Say YES in 2002 in an effort to expand resource options for school districts and youth organizations with strategies that encourage teens to focus on their future and avoid high-risk behaviors such as substance abuse, violence and teen sexual activity. He structured the organization around his passion to equip youth to lead more healthy and successful lives by saying YES to their dreams and goals.

“We’re helping teens set dreams and goals that so consume their thoughts and their lives that it seems natural to avoid drugs, alcohol, bullying and teen sexual activity to achieve success,” he says.

Dan is a nationally recognized leader and speaker in the character development and risk avoidance educational movement.

“Risk avoidance means positive futures, healthy life outcomes, becoming who you were designed to be,” he explains.

Dan’s programs are interactive, engaging and informative. They focus on specific strategies for parents and educators to better connect with teens, empowering them to make good decisions.

He meets regularly with superintendents, school board members and principals to customize risk avoidance strategies for their schools. He has also appeared on many TV and national radio programs as an advocate for the health and safety of our nation’s teens.

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