Carlos Phillips headshot

Partnering with national speaker and television personality Brenda Teele, Carlos Phillips brings an essential message to teen parents through Breaking the Cycle. Research shows that children of teen parents are much more likely to become teen parents themselves. Carlos wants to put an end to that cycle.

“As a teacher,” he said, “I have seen the cycle of poverty and brokenness played out over and over again. I hope to create an awareness of how these teen parents really ended up here in the first place. The goal is to help them evaluate their decision-making process and give them the tools to help make different decisions in the future.”

The program does this through teaching teen parents about sexual integrity. They learn how to talk to their children about sex. With the skills they learn through Breaking the Cycle, teen parents are empowered to help their children avoid following in their parents’ footsteps. It provides a new start for a new generation.

Carlos provides an inside glimpse into the male mind, telling teen girls what’s really going on behind a teen boy’s smooth words. He also lets them know that men have more respect for women who tell them ‘no’ than those who give in to their requests for sex.

“I was barely out of my teens when I became a parent,” he said. “I remember emotionally, mentally and financially how difficult that was, and I hope to help these parents avoid those difficulties.”

Drawing from his own life experiences, Carlos provides a strong challenge for teen fathers. He encourages them to be there for their child and their child’s mother. He drives them to take responsibility for their actions and be the men their children need them to be.

He wants each teen who attends his program to know, “just because you started down this path doesn’t mean that you have to continue down it. You can always make different decisions in the future.