Twenty JSY STARS mentors attended the STARS National Conference July 10 – 13 with Friends First in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Through workshops, group activities and mutual encouragement, the conference equipped our mentors with the leadership skills to make a difference in the lives of the students they will mentor over the next school year.

JSY Mentor Coordinator Carlos Phillips and his wife Clarissa presented one of the most popular workshops called “Getting it right this time”. Another of the students’ favorites was “Not Even Once: Fight Against Meth” conducted by Jonathan Judge.

Awards received:

National Program of the Year 2012
National Coordinator of the Year 2012 – Carlos Phillips


How has this conference changed you as a person?

This conference has changed me by showing me how we are all a family. Even though we don’t know each other very well, we still come together as a big family. I hope this
happens with the freshman we are helping next year………………Megan M. (mentor)

This conference has changed me so much! It made me realize that I wasn’t alone. It has really lifted my spirits and confidence………….Brea B (mentor)

This conference made me see things in a Whole New Perspective! It taught me to become a better person and mentor by using my own issues and hardships as fuel to help
others. It taught me to pass on my torch………Lucia Q (mentor)

It has made me more open and willing to share my past experiences…..Jasmine C (mentor)

This conference has been a life changing experience because it truly touched my heart in many ways. It has taught me to not only be as good as but to be better than me. I
also learned how to feed them through my knowledge and life experiences……Julie O (mentor)

This conference helped me to realize that I have my own future……Jose C (mentor)

This conference made me realize that I am not the only one with problems in life. I also realized that I am not alone and that I have a lot of self worth!………..Ashley V

This conference made me more confident in meeting new people…..Lizbeth S (mentor)

This conference made me think about and explore new ideas and concepts as well as rethink old ideas. Some of these ideas include relationships and peer pressure, and
many more…..Jonathan H (mentor)

This conference made me realize just how much we can change a person’s life by speaking to them and listening…..Christene D (mentor)

The conference showed me that everyone is important and everyone makes mistakes. It also showed me that people will accept you for who you are……Sabrina D (mentor)

I have learned to be a more willing and active person, and to accept people for who they are…Jimmy C (mentor)

It showed me how to be a better mentor by learning new communication skills….Editha M (mentor)

SNC helped me realize that your past does not determine your future and that there is always hope!….Claire F (mentor)

 The conference reminded me that out of the gratefulness for the help I’ve been given in my life, how important it is that I make sharing that with others a priority…….Kyle F

I have seen many of our students blossom and grow this week. Their self-confidence has grown exponentially, and I feel confident that our group will go back to campus
ready to make a positive impact on our struggling students……Jason W (administrator)